Tech Support for Students

NFSB staff and students have a Microsoft 365 account

Accounts include an email address, and software and apps like Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint… and more!

Student Email/Office 365/Teams


How do I access my child’s NFSB Microsoft and email accounts?

Log in to your child’s account at with their NFSB email and password.

Does my child have access to other Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)?

Yes! NFSB students have online access to all Microsoft Office 365 “O365” software/applications online, through their NFSB account. Families can also install Microsoft O365 on their home computer for free!

How do I download Teams on a computer/mobile device?

Download TEAMS on the Microsoft site or from the Apple or Android app stores.

Where can I see my child’s assignments and classes?

View your child’s assignment in Teams in their assignment “backpack” on the left-hand side of the desktop or web-based app. Classes can also be viewed by clicking or selecting the “Teams” tab.

Can I be notified on a device when something is added to my child’s Teams account?

Yes! Go to “Settings” In the Teams application. Notifications can be enabled and personalized. Note that you must be logged in to your child’s Teams account to receive notifications.

Can I see the date and time assignments are submitted?

Yes! There is a timestamp showing the date and time assignments are submitted. Students also see a fun graphic to let them know an assignment has been turned in. Students can “undo” submitted assignments should they need to add something/modify their work.

I see “past-due” on an assignment, but my child submitted the work in class.

If your child submitted work in class, the teacher can use Teams to indicate the work was handed in in person. If you feel an assignment was handed in but isn’t listed, email your child’s teacher, and allow a day or two for a response.

How are assignments given and submitted?

Teachers can assign work in various ways in Teams:

  • By using folders assigned for each student to download, work on and submit;
  • By assigning a fillable PDF for students to work on;
  • Through cloud-based assignments where teachers assign a Forms/Word document and a digital copy that is submitted for marks; and
  • Finally, there is the class notebook, where teachers can import documents and worksheets.

We're still having trouble!

It is important for your child to become familiar with downloading items, storing them in a folder, and uploading them. If you do run into issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or your school administrator who will help you, or direct you to someone who can.

Microsoft Training Centre

You’ve read the FAQs, watched the videos, googled…. and still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don’t despair! Your child’s teacher is a great resource, and we also have our IT HelpDesk to support families with online learning.

Still need help?
Don’t despair!

Click here to access the NFSB I.T. HelpDesk

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