Commitment to Success Plan

Our Commitment to Success Plan | 2023 to 2027

In partnership with Quebec’s Ministry of Education, and in line with their Policy on Educational Success, the New Frontiers School Board is focused on success for each student, in inclusive educational settings, supported by our communities, where our students learn to be civic-minded, creative, responsible, accepting of others, and engaged in the social, cultural and economic life of Quebec.

Our Commitment to Success Plan is our roadmap to 2027.

The Quebec Ministry of Education has provided school boards and school service centres with the following orientations:
1. Make student success a top priority for Quebec society;
2. Make vocational education truly attractive; and
3. Make schools and centres welcoming spaces.

The New Frontiers School Board feels that by focusing on three key orientations, improvements will come about in the Ministry’s objectives; this was validated by our public consultation process. The New Frontiers School Board has therefore adopted the following orientations:
1. Strengthen Employee Engagement
2. Leverage the Power of Data
3. Foster Relationships & Partnerships, and develop Global Perspectives

Our Commitment to Success Plan | 2018 to 2023

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