Families who choose to homeschool their children must ensure that they provide an educational experience equivalent to that which is offered at school, and this in accordance with Law 144.

Let Us & the Ministry of Education Know


Register @NFSB

To benefit from support services offered by the NFSB, you must register your child with us by providing:

  • Your child’s Certificate of Eligibility for instruction in English.
    • If your child does not have this, please submit your child’s long-form birth certificate bearing the name of both parents.
    • If eligibility requirements are met, an application for a Certificate of Eligibility will be submitted on your behalf.
  • Proof that you live on our territory (utility bill, municipal tax statement).
  • A copy of the notice of intent to homeschool sent to the Ministry, with proof of receipt.

To complete your child’s file, you must also make an appointment with our Registration Officer.


  • Make sure your child is eligible to attend English school in Quebec
  • Find your zoned school
  • Have the required documents (below)
  • Contact your school to make an appointment! :)

Documents you’ll need to register

  • Your child’s long-form birth certificate with parents’ names
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship of the parent who will render your child eligible
  • Proof that you live within the boundary of the school
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